PARENTS: Let your child join the gang from PFP Daily's™ worldwide hit comic series "Doc's World™" to learn LETTERS, NUMBERS, and ADDITION! Plus Activities and Coloring!

Doc, Chandler, Chef, Joey, Kat, Linus, Lucy, Peter, Robbie and Sam will teach your child how to write LETTERS, learn their NUMBERS, and how to ADD numbers together! Plus your child can do activities - like mazes, dot to dot tracing AND COLORING!

Watch as your child grows and learns from the experience of having done a task over and over again. Repetition Makes Mastery and RMM Publishing™ is here to teach a mastery of skill!

We created RMM Publishing™ out of the need to provide another solution to how your child is taught reading, writing, numbers, and mathematics - one that actually works.

Our research in the market found that while there are some good publishers, most of the books sold to parents are more of the 'kitchen sink' type material - they simply throw everything in there to increase their page count.

Kitchen sink books don't necessarily contribute to the learning process.

REPETITION is how a child (and an adult) learns. It's only by repeating a process over and over, and over again, that one begins to master any skill.

As an adult you may look at the RMM Publishing™ books and think, "these pages repeat themselves over and over!". That is on purpose. The books we publish are meant to teach a mastery of skill and REPETITON MAKES MASTERY.

It's a process you can see with your own eyes as their hand gets steadier, their hand eye coordination gets better, and the tracings they complete are completed to near perfection.

Why? Because their brain registers a simple fact that even a child can understand: I've done this before and I know how to do it!

Paired with an engaged and encouraging parent, well...

We thank you for joining us.

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